Fullday Tierra del Fuego

Walk on the Tierra del Fuego Island like a true adventurer of the end of the world and observe King Penguins. What else?!

Indicative Program

  • 07:30Start from the city Punta Arenas
  • 08:15Navigation on a ferry through the Magellan strait to Porvenir on the Tierra del Fuego Island, duration app 2h30.
  • 11:30Arriving to Bahía Chilota to visit the most importants places of the town Porvenir : museum, place, monuments, shore, restaurants…
  • Visit of a lagoon with swans, pink flamingos, caiquenes (a Magellan goose)…
  • Visit of the King Penguin Park
  • Cerro Sombrero, historic place of the oil development of Tierra del Fuego Island
  • Punta Delgada sector : Embarcation to come back to the continent for 30 minutes of navigation
  • 21:30Come back to the city Punta Arenas at 21:30 app.

You need to bring warm jacket for outdoor activities and food or snack.

The King Penguin

The king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) is the second largest species of penguin. In size it is second only to the emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri). The king penguin is a migratory bird moving from breeding sites located in Sub-Antarctic islands to feed them. We know these birds came on the shores of Tierra del Fuego during the Selknam people times because there are evidences of rey penguins bones in their archeological sites. The Selknam people named them “Kèj ‘emkenn”.